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Arbeel Electric is a Jordanian company established in 2003, Started by thinking about the needs of Rationalization of energy consumption by studying and understanding the alternative energy sources.

Therefor we started by manufacturing our first induction sealer back in 2004, ever since we experience a lot of challenges and developments, stepping forward, building many different models with varies sizes operating many times at harsh surrounding conditions, along with customers feedback gained us a huge knowledge that leads to where we stand today.

Arbeel E started to design and manufacturing inverter devices since 2005, The beginnings were modest to the industrial sector and upwards to what we are now.
We have been one of the first companies to contribute to the spread of irrigation through solar energy in Jordan, through the design and production of specialized equipment in the operation of submersible pumps



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We make sure that every minute detail is looked into while manufacturing  to ensure a high end quality product and maintain reliability and fine performance.


There are many components used to manufacture inverters, we choose a high quality raw power components such as, SEMIKRON – NOCHICON – IXYS – UNITED KEMI-CON, control components such as, MICROCHIP – VISHAY – ONSEMI to produce a high end quality inverter.

OUr promise

  • Reliability and excellent performance are not to be tolerated.
  • Prior and after sale advice is something we are obliged to give.
  • After sale service and help will at all times be available.
  • Strict quality control-monitoring will always be followed.