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What is induction cap sealing?

The application of varying safe magnetic field to produce enough heat in a thin layer of aluminum foil disc so as to seal the neck of a plastic or glass made container.

What is inverter ?

An device converts the DC voltage to an AC voltage. In most cases, the input DC voltage is usually lower while the output AC is equal to the grid supply voltage of either 120 volts, or 240 Volts or 380 Volts 3pH depending on the country and needs.

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Pure Sine-Wave Filler

Sine wave filters are low pass frequency filters, which convert the output signal of motor drives into a smooth sine wave voltage with low residual ripple, we advice to use it on submersible pumps with a depth over than 100 meters to increase pumps life time.

Fuse Box

Fuse box is one of the fastest and most safe methods used to cut-off the circuitry between the conductors (wires) in case of fault occurrence and abnormality conditions, connected with a junction box where all conductors met at one point.

Conveyor belt

One of the basic tools in material handling industry, belt conveyors are most commonly used in transportation of glass and plastic bottles, a heavy duty conveyor operating at harsh conditions with two varying speed.


A battery charger is a device used to put energy into rechargeable battery for forcing an electric current through it , we manufacture a 24 Volts and its multiplications chargers in order to recharge batteries with  PV panels power output.