off-grid inverter

Single Phase Off-Grid Inverter


What is off-grid solar pumping inverter?

The inverter manages power flow by controlling two types of power, DC input produced from solar panels stored in the batteries to maintain stability of the DC input within the range to converts it to an AC output that servers our needs.

Single phase off-grid inverter receives the power directly form the batteries within the range of 48-96 volts (Depends on the inveter size) by converting it into a AC pure sine-wave output.

The key features are:

  • Specially designed to run in hot and dusty weathers.
  • Durability, High efficiency and a two-year real manufacturing warranty.
  • Possibility of connecting the inverter to the electrical grid when available.
  • Capability of maintenance and constant availability of parts.
  • Correct and realistic results of the potential practical performance.
  • Manufacturer multi sizes with different rages of dc input (48-96 Volts).

Protective features:

  1. Uv this indicates that main input voltage (batteries) has gone below 41 or 82 volts DC from 48 and 96 volts, if Uv error will appear on the screen.
  2. Ov this indicates that main input voltage has gone over 56 or 112 volts, if this happens temporary,
  3. OC this indicated that the load exceeds the allowable current level, the inverter will stop working for a short period of time to retry connecting later.
  4. OL this resembles the conventional overload, this error appears when the load exceeds inverter size (Kilowatts).