Aluminum foil disc sealing

Automatic Induction Sealing Machine


What is induction cap sealing?

The application of varying safe magnetic field to produce enough heat in a thin layer of aluminum foil disc so as to seal the neck of a plastic or glass made container.

Automatic Induction sealing machine is an on-line automatically operated sealer equipped with multi setting knobs, a regulating electronic circuitry adjusts the power against any change of ambient temperature.

This series is to be considered when you have a high production line which can seal up to 5000 foil/hour depends on the speed of the conveyor belt and machine size .it starts from 25mm/min up to 35mm/min with basic diameters from 75cm.

What Makes It Better Than Other Sealers?

  • Equipped with a buzzer sound deriving its power directly from induction current, to give a true validity seal process complete.
  • Perfect air cooling system including the induction coil.
  • The coil core is of ferrite type than concentrates the field toward the foil.
  • Due to the above, seal time can be as low as one second with no rest time in between, and number of seals could reach up to 30/minute limited by operators speed and container type.

How Does It Operates?

  • Power source 50/60HZ 220V depending on size 10-20A @ 2KW-4KW
  • Adjust the cap to be at the center of induction head.
  • Adjust the height of head until a 4-6mm clearance exists between cap and head.
  • Apply try and error to set time and power of optimum results.
  • press start, wait until buzzer sound stop, put another container and repeat.